Japan: Day 2
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At the start of day two of my trip to Japan.

I noticed the Animal Crossing movie is now playing in theaters. I'm seriously considering going. *laughs*

I totally thought that the DS guitar was coming out next year, but it's already out. I had the chance to buy it, decided to think about it, and then when I went back to get it, it was already gone. So, now it's my mission to find that thing. I knew from sales reports and whatnot that the DS was crazy over here, but seriously, you can't comprehend it until you actually see it. There is so much software out over here for it, over such a huge variety of genres, that it's just nuts.

Oh, and Codi – when you see the pink DS Lite in person, it's far, far nicer looking.

I was reminded of something about Japan yesterday that I'll never get used to. We were at the theater seeing Charlotte's Web, and I went to use the restroom. On my way to wash my hands afterward, there was a female theater worker in there tidying things up. All of the Japanese guys don't even blink at a female being in the men's bathroom, but it still makes me stop for a moment every time I see it.

Was at a video rental shop yesterday, and they had a bunch of kid's toys on sale for cheap. One of them was the buruburu vibrating bat communicator that Sana was given in Kodomo no Omocha. It was 500yen – there was no way I wasn't getting it.

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6 Responses to “Japan: Day 2”

  1. avatar Deng Aideng says:

    :o Send me a DS guitar, seriously. I thought it was out in February next year, too!

  2. avatar Deng Aideng says:

    Oh yeah, how's it going over there? How long's your trip again?

  3. avatar shidoshi says:

    I'll be here until the 8th.

  4. avatar codi says:

    Aughhhh. Making me want one and crap, grawr…I dunno though. I need a lot of new things before a DS Lite, especially since mine is not broke! However, after hearing your opinion, I will consider it.I hope you're having fun :P and gimme a guitar too.

  5. avatar guy-jin says:

    Have a great time!(BTW, seen any Xmas decor left up? or did they take it all down the 24th? ;) )

  6. avatar Don C. says:

    Woo~ Japan trip!You have to explain the Animal Crossing movie a bit more…I think I could see myself liking something like that.Also, I think I could get used to cleaning ladies around whilst using the urinal. o.OP.S. I hope you took this opportunity to take your relationship to the next step. Exchanging shuffles instead of rings?

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