PAX East 2012 Panel – Press XY: Transgender Issues in Gaming

So, at PAX East 2012, we had a panel titled Press XY: Transgender Issues in Gaming. The point? To talk about a variety of topics regarding transgender issues in the world of gaming—from transgender (or related) characters, to games which offer certain relevant aspects, to game developers who themselves are transgender.

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Hey PAX East 12 Folks!

If you’re reading this because you got my StreetPass and decided that you wanted to see what was up with that strange URL, thanks for coming! Just wanted to let you know that I’m still in the process of getting this site going and getting content added to it, so what you see now isn’t all that’s going to be here.

In the meantime, please check me out on Twitter—@pikoeri—where you can find much more about who I am and the various things that I do (writing for game magazines, doing podcasts, and a wide variety of other things).

Also, if you’re seeing this in time—come to the panel that I’ll be a part of! Press XY: Transgender Issues in Gaming on Friday at 3pm in the Cat theater.

My Pick-Ups From Japan!

I went to Japan recently, and this is what I bought! Usually I just spend a lot of money on games, and come home with a bunch of stuff but kind of meh overall. This time, I bought things that were really fun and/or that I really wanted. I spent less, but felt far more satisfied with my purchases.

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Corpse Party

It was just shy of 1am when I finally finished Corpse Party—or, should I say, finished it with an ending I could be satisfied with, versus the one I had received a few hours earlier that left me starting over the game’s final chapter. Having put off a necessary trip to the supermarket in order to correct my prior mistakes, I let the credits play until their end and then rushed out to my car to brave nighttime L.A. for milk and bread.

As I sat there in the driver’s seat, guiding my car along the nearly deserted road that lead to my closest shopping option that was still open, my mind drifted back to the game. I thought about its characters—who they were, what they had experienced, what horrors they had endured in trying (and, for some, failing) to survive what the game had put them through. Or, more precisely, what I had been forced to put them through.

I then realized something—this small wave of panic and despair was welling in my chest, all for some characters in some video game.

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Helping guys understand clothes shopping

Last night while browsing around the shoe section of a local mall retailer, I had some fun observing the various people that were there, and their attitudes toward the experience. There were more than a couple great examples of the classic situation—a wife busily focused on mentally cataloging every item she came across on sales racks or shoe shelves, and a husband, somewhere close, leaning against a support column or sitting on a provided seat, a look in his eyes that would instantly tell you his only thought was the attempted calculation of when this might all be over.

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Kagamine Rin is Stupidly Cute

Hatsune Miku is undoubtably the most popular, Megurine Luka is far and away my favorite, but for whatever reason, the Vocaloid that is without question the cutest is one Kagamine Rin. Is it her whispy blonde hair? Her bright and cheery yellow color scheme? That mix of innocence and mischief she always seems to have?

Whatever it is, enjoy an overflowing gallery of fanart for Rin found from around the internet!

Update: Post bumped now that I actually put the gallery up!

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Yoshinori Ono (Poison)

You may or may not be familiar with the character of Posion. Little more than one of many enemies crafted for Capcom’s beat-em-up Final Fight—and mirror image of her partner in crime Roxy—typically she would have come and gone with not much thought or consideration given to her by the average gamer. Well, other than, of course, the fact that she was the enemy who—if you attacked her and paused the game at just the right moment—would give you a scandalous look at the underside of her breasts as her much-too-short shirt flew up.

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