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So Sony announced that in Europe, they’re going to be releasing special pink versions of the PSTwo and the PSP. Dammit, I have a love for pink technology… it’s such a “different” color for tech items. No word on if they’re going to come out in Japan or the U.S. yet. Japan I wouldn’t doubt, because they hate it when other countries get stuff that they don’t. In the U.S., however… Sony sucks over here, as we never get any of the fun alternate colors.

The pink PSTwo might be a bit odd, but I’d still go for it. That pink PSP, however… that’s hot.

Snakes on a Plane rocked, but the crowd was like ten people total, so that sucked.

Silent Hill DVD tomorrow. Jawsome.

Holy crap… Skids’ hatchback opens too! I’ve had him for months now, and I just now noticed that.

I got a really cool gift from a friend today… I’ll have to take a picture. 

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11 Responses to “Pink all around!”

  1. avatar Chocotaku says:

    I'm hoping they bring out the pink PSP's in the USA so that I can drag my female friends into getting one and I can finally play someone. ++ on the Silent Hill DVD…I downloaded a DVD rip but I loved that movie so much I'm going to have to get the DVD. Best credits sequence ever in my opinion.

  2. avatar shidoshi says:

    Yes… buy the DVD so that we'll get a sequel.As far as the PSP, everybody knows that the girls love them some DS. *heh*

  3. avatar Chocotaku says:

    Yeah I know dangit. I'd get a DS if actually played video games often like I used to. BTW I watched Silent Hill opening weekend at the theatre and 3 couples brought their toddlers! Suprisingly they were all quiet, but probably because they were scared to silence! ^_^

  4. avatar codi says:

    Pink~~~! I really want that, the PS2 that is. The sakura pink one that came out awhile ago was pretty nice too, but since this is Europe (wtf), I dunno.. I really wanted a Japanese PS2 so I could at least be legal about it, heh. If it did come out in Japan, then yeah I'm all over that.I don't play PSP, so i don't really care.. but a pink!PSP just might inspire me, you know… damn me, I'm a lost cause. Then my phone/DS/PSP/PS2/purse would all match.Oh~~ a gift, eh~? ^o^

  5. avatar shidoshi says:

    For some reason, I'm just finding that pink PSP really hot.And I dunno… the Sakura PS2 came out in Japan when I was over there, and I was going to get it. I then saw it in person, though, and I thought it did not look good at all. The shiny pink they used just looked weird, and the kept all of the accents blue, which was rather tacky.I just wish that, with this shade of pink, they would stop making things all pink and put a bit of white in there. Pink + white DS = awesome, all pink DS or PSP or PSTwo looks a bit off. If that PSP had white buttons and d-pad, it would look so much better.

  6. avatar codi says:

    Yeah, it is hot o.O But then I remember what Dunnie said about how he bought it but never bothered to play it.. XD I don't know though, there are a couple titles I'd like to own.Ew, they kept the blue accents? I've suddenly just been turned off, heh. Come on Sony ._.Why, that's exactly the same reason I don't like the whole pink DS lite. I hate the stupid pinkxpink combo. (I also hate pinkxpink lolita outfits, but I digress.) The DS I have now I love because of the white (as opposed to silver or black) accents. Hence why when the new pink DS lite was announced I was both happy and sad at the same time.The PS2 doesn't look *so* bad, but man I am damned conflicted on the PSP! Gwar!

  7. avatar Deng Aideng says:

    I'm not a big pink fan, but I did want that metallic pink PS2 back when it came out. Never saw it outside of pictures, of course. I might could convince myself to get this version if I could get one to play Japan imports.Course, then I'd have to buy some imports.Couldn't convince me to buy a pink PSP, though I hear they're doing an upgrade to the system, adding in 8 GIGS OF FLASH RAM. If the pink is an one of those it'll be a tempting switch.GBA emulator's looking on the up and up, by the way. ;p

  8. avatar shidoshi says:

    PSP desperately needs a good chunk of flash RAM inside of it, especially now that encoding videos for playback on the thing is far easier. I used to use my machine for emulators, but to be honest, they weren't worth not being able to play some of the new games for. (Of course, 1.5 support for faking newer firmware is getting better.) Plus, the PSP firmware is actually now starting to get good and bring in some nice options (such as said better video support).

  9. avatar Chocotaku says:

    They need to crossbreed the myLo and the PSP and make an uber-machine of glee and multimedia saviness. Only then would it become the killer app…

  10. avatar shidoshi says:

    Yeah… there are actually some things I like about the Mylo, and would love to see them come to the PSP. Put a touch screen on the thing, add in Skype, AIM, a nice e-mail client… could be fun.

  11. avatar Morden says:

    Oh … I’m bumping an old one here, but it brought back some memories. I almost bought that pink PS2. Almost, because ultimately both me and my wife decided that three PS2 units we had at home were quite enough, and as deliciously pink as it was, another console wasn’t worth it. I kind of regret it now, since it even had a pink memory card included. I guess my wife does too, since she sighed a few seconds ago when she saw that pink marvel on my computer screen.

    Also, Shidoshi mentioned above that “there are actually some things I like about the Mylo, and would love to see them come to the PSP. Put a touch screen on the thing, add in Skype, AIM, a nice e-mail client…”. So, is the Vita a dream come true?

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