“Poison Has A Stick”—My Latest Custom Joystick Mod
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Here it is, my latest custom mod, appropriately titled “Poison Has a Stick”.

This is my second mod ever (the first being a KOF still that was posted here a couple years ago), and I think it turned out pretty nice. I ended up getting a second MadCatz SE (for PS3) for $15, and I’d been trying to think of what I’d like to do. And then, of course, I found myself getting knee-deep into the whole Poison discussion, in no small part due to the Poison-related interview I did for EGM with Ono at TGS (for anybody who remembers that).

I hadn’t originally planned to go all Seimitsu with this one, but now I’m glad I decided to in terms of ascetics. I mean—you just can’t not laugh at the use of the pink joystick in relation to the entire idea that’s going on here.

My one thing as of this moment is I’m not super-hot on the pink joystick base cover, as it ruins the fun/polish of the stick by being able to see the plate hole. The default black cover I have has a hole too small for this Seimitsu, so I might try to see if I can find a replacement or drill out the one I currently have. That, or maybe the pink one will grow on me.

(Oh, and the line in the second shot is just a stray somethingoranother, not an actual crease in the label as it looks.)

Also, let me say something, so there’s no misunderstanding—this stick wasn’t made with the intention of making fun of the character Poison or her “is or isn’t she transgender” status, nor was it done simple for some sort of cheap “it’s a trap” connection. I mean, of course—the design was absolutely done in good fun and with a lot of humor—but it was done in celebration of the character of Poison, not in mocking her or what she is. I am absolutely on the side of her being trans—as things such as my interview with Capcom’s Yoshinori Ono make pretty clear—but I also think that you can’t take life too seriously.

So, my custom Poison joystick mod stands as a proud symbol of support for one of gaming’s most well-known transgender characters. Well, you know—that, and as a shameless attempt to make something that will have people questioning my sanity. *heh*

Update: Added a photo of Ono-san showing off my Poison stick.


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8 Responses to ““Poison Has A Stick”—My Latest Custom Joystick Mod”

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  2. avatar Nova says:

    So, this stick wasn’t made with the intention of making fun of the character Poison or her “is or isn’t she transgender” status? But according to you the title is appropriately titled “Poison Has a Stick”? Ok… I know you don’t care at all, but I as a transexual/intersex individual find this a mockery of being transgender, transexual or intersex, but whatever this is everyday fare.

  3. avatar Trev says:

    Well, i think its funny

    • avatar Trev says:

      Btw how did you cut the holes for the top screws ? Im debating whether to have the top screws showing or not showing on my TVC mod


      • avatar shidoshi says:

        Nova’s feelings are perfectly valid, and I can understand the position she’s coming from. I dropped her a private response, because I wanted to address her concerns but wasn’t sure it’d be the proper thing to do in public.

        Anyhow, for the actual build, I use a product from Kinko’s called a Lami-label. It’s a kind of more durable pouch-type lamination, but for this specific product, one side of it is a sticker. So, I printed out my design, put it in the lami-label, sealed it up, and then stuck that to the metal plate that serves as the top of the joystick casing.

        In the previous mod that I did for the same type of joystick, I kept that metal plate on the joystick, and then just trimmed the label and stuck it on. What I found was that I didn’t thing my cut edges were as clean as I was hoping for. So, this time, I unscrewed everything, took that metal plate off, stuck the full label on, did all of the trimming at that point, and then put the completed top plate back onto the joystick.

        The downside to doing it this way was that it was a little harder to really get good alignment of the label onto the metal plate. (Partially because I didn’t have cut guides on my artwork, as I didn’t want to take the chance of having them show up.) The upside to doing it this way was that the final product looked much better.

        So, really, for the screws, I just poked holed into the label and screwed it back on. My original design didn’t have the screws showing, which some people might like better, but I actually don’t mind them showing.

  4. avatar twon says:

    Do you have the pdf of the stick’s pic? I’d love to make my own

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  6. avatar Jai says:

    Sooo I want this arcade stick… I’m transgendered I can see how it can be offensive but I also find it comical life is to serious to get offended by everything I honestly think its cute and the fact that I main her and I’m pretty damn good… compared to other Poison players I would like this stick
    So please anyone can tell me how to go about getting this?

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