Rule of Rose: Review Rape Watch (part 1)
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So, issues of magazines containing reviews of Rule of Rose are starting to hit, and just like I expected, the game is getting raped pretty hard score wise. So, I thought it'd be fun (?) to watch as this poor little game gets abused by the various game mags. I can't wait to get my hands on these issues – I want to see if the people doing the reviews were able at all to appreciate the good parts of the game, or if they just got their asses kicked in combat and gave up on giving it a chance.

By the way, my final score for the game was 7.5. It has faults that I simply couldn't overlook, yes… but it also had so many wonderful qualities to it.

EGM: 4.5 | 5.0 | 4.0 (all out of a possible 10)
Official PlayStation Magazine: 4 (Out of a possible 10)

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8 Responses to “Rule of Rose: Review Rape Watch (part 1)”

  1. avatar codi says:

    Ouch x.xSo you were pretty nice to it, I think.. ^^;But I'm thinking it was mostly they were sissies who couldn't deal with the combat and WUSSED OUT. (actually I have no idea.)I'm not really sure if you call that, "fun", but you're pretty weird too so… :P

  2. avatar Chocotaku says:

    Someone in my neighborhood here on Vox already played it through and did a review on it. She said the gameplay is horrid, but the story and video and such are great. Depends on what you review on. I'd rent it, but probably not buy it.

  3. avatar Chocotaku says:

    oh wait that was you… HAH I am teh dumb… feel free to delete any of my comments. XD

  4. avatar Don C. says:

    "She said the gameplay is horrid, but the story and video and such are great. "She..hahahahaThat's all.

  5. avatar Chocotaku says:

    Nah I was thinking it was someone else on my list who did it. I can't brain today…

  6. avatar shidoshi says:

    "She.. hahahaha"I love how you make it sound like that ISN'T common.

  7. avatar Don C. says:

    Well. True. But at least your blog isn't pink, like someone we know.

  8. avatar guy-jin says:

    I have come to the conclusion, given the evidence presented to me over the years, that videogame reviewers are idiots. Present company excepted, of course :)

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