Rule of Rose: Review Rape Watch (part 1)

So, issues of magazines containing reviews of Rule of Rose are starting to hit, and just like I expected, the game is getting raped pretty hard score wise. So, I thought it'd be fun (?) to watch as this poor little game gets abused by the various game mags. I can't wait to get my hands on these issues – I want to see if the people doing the reviews were able at all to appreciate the good parts of the game, or if they just got their asses kicked in combat and gave up on giving it a chance.

By the way, my final score for the game was 7.5. It has faults that I simply couldn't overlook, yes… but it also had so many wonderful qualities to it.

EGM: 4.5 | 5.0 | 4.0 (all out of a possible 10)
Official PlayStation Magazine: 4 (Out of a possible 10)

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The Rose Princess

Finished Rule of Rose tonight. Loved everything about the game except for the “game” parts of the game. Nick was right, it does break down into really heavy fetch-quest stuff, but a far, far bigger issue is the combat in the game. I suppose that it COULD be worse, you know, but it’s like how running through a field of razon blades barefoot could always be worse. Poor Jennifer can’t hit anything worth a damn, with all her swings having terrible collision detection, not to mention screwy aiming and at times slugging controls. Her enemies, however, can hit you from a mile away, and will combo her like they’re mashing buttons on a Street Fighter machine.

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Don’t die, don’t die, cook a pie

Some thoughts about games I'm playing recently…

Dead Rising (Capcom :: Survival Horror :: Xbox 360)

Waited months and months for it. Purchased an Xbox 360 specifically for this game. Bought it on release day, played it for 15 minutes, and haven't touched it since. Why? The now infamous "SDTV owners can't read crap when it comes to in-game text" issue. Capcom is aware of the problem (they only QCed the game on HDTVs… wonderful), but so far, no promise of any sort of real fix.

Rule of Rose (Atlus USA :: Survival Horror :: PlayStation 2)

One of the nice things about my job is that I not only get to play some games early, but also for free. Even better, sometimes those games are ones I actually want to play, such is the case with Rule of Rose (as well as the next game.) I love/hate this game. Love it because the storyline and characters are just so awesome – it reminds me a lot of the original Silent Hill. When I first played SH, there was just something so magical about it, and how everything was presented. Silent Hill felt like a real city somewhere, and I couldn't help but love each and every one of its inhabitants. It was a game where, the actual "game" portion wasn't the best ever, but the actual experience was. I'm getting that exact same feeling from Rule of Rose.

If you aren't familiar with it, the storyline concerns Jennifer, a 19 year old girl who is sent to an orphanage after her parents die in a freak accident. There she meets the Red Crayon Aristocracy, a group of foul little girls who proceed to put Jennifer through one terrible trial after another. What's so interesting about the game is, it isn't scary kids for the sake of being scary kids. It plays all along the "society" of children – how they deal with each other, the class systems that arise in groups of kids, what kids are afraid of, etc. Some of the horror, so far, has come from what kids are afraid of, such as being punished by adults. Of course, the other side is from how cruel kids can be to one another. It's children at their worst, allowed to run amok and do as they please after the adult element in their lives is taken out of the picture.

Cooking Mama (Majesco :: Cooking :: NintendoDS)

I was shocked when I heard that Cooking Mama was going to come to the US (Rule of Rose too), and I got my hands of a copy of it today. I've only made one dish so far, which was simply rice, and I failed the first time I tried. *laughs* I'm wondering how much actual gameplay is going to be present here, but the game will only be $20 when it comes out, so hey, that's not bad.

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