The Rose Princess
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Finished Rule of Rose tonight. Loved everything about the game except for the “game” parts of the game. Nick was right, it does break down into really heavy fetch-quest stuff, but a far, far bigger issue is the combat in the game. I suppose that it COULD be worse, you know, but it’s like how running through a field of razon blades barefoot could always be worse. Poor Jennifer can’t hit anything worth a damn, with all her swings having terrible collision detection, not to mention screwy aiming and at times slugging controls. Her enemies, however, can hit you from a mile away, and will combo her like they’re mashing buttons on a Street Fighter machine.

The story and characters, though… man. Beautiful. Wonderful. I guess I have some obsession with “rose princesses” and fake aristocracies (not to mention weirdo girls doing weirdo things), because I’m also a big fan of Adolescence of Utena. Like I said (I think) before, feeling wise, reminds me of my first experiences with the original Silent Hill.

I’ll probably do up a proper review soon, once I finish the one I’m getting paid for.

Oh, and thank God for the cinema at the end of the second to last major chapter: that was a long time coming, from the player’s perspective. She should have jumped up on the boxes and kicked the chairs over, though – I would have marked so, so hard for that. 

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4 Responses to “The Rose Princess”

  1. avatar Chocotaku says:

    >_< I'm tempted to get it but your commentary on the action might turn me off of it. Looks creepy, just how I like my games!

  2. avatar codi says:

    WTH I go to sleep and you update a whole bunch. <3Anyway.. DAMN. You already finished it? So does this mean the game came through for you and you were able to overlook the idiocy that is the battle system? I'm glad that happened. I'll probably still pick it up when it comes out, then.And I really didn't think of Utena til you just mentioned it. Now i see it, heh.

  3. avatar shidoshi says:

    Choco > The action is "throw your controller through the TV" levels of bad at times. Still, it's worth suffering through that for the non-combat parts of the game, at least for me.Codi > End time in the game was just over 11 hours. The second to last chapter has some parts that, honestly, I think will make people stop playing the game and never finish. I ended up getting over it, though. It's one of those games were a few times you have to save your game, play a bit ahead, work out a strategy, and then repeat until you force your way through it. Plus, I learend that there are far more things going on with items than I knew about originally, and having more healing items helped out some.I'm going to buy a real copy of the game, if for nothing else to support Atlus and their bringing it over. I don't know if I can honestly recommend getting it at full price, but for somebody like you, it is certainly something I think you should play at some point.

  4. You have me interested enough to rent it when it comes out, though I doubt my local blockbuster will stock it.

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