Unintentional Persona 4 Golden Sexual Innuendo – Part 1

The first time I played Persona 4, I let myself drown in its emotional, dramatic, and wonderfully crafted world. Playing through it again on Sony’s PlayStation Vita via Persona 4 Golden, I did what any rationale and mature person would do: I abused the system’s screen-capture feature to post images of lines said out of context that could be giggled at for their sexual connotations.

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Kagamine Rin is Stupidly Cute

Hatsune Miku is undoubtably the most popular, Megurine Luka is far and away my favorite, but for whatever reason, the Vocaloid that is without question the cutest is one Kagamine Rin. Is it her whispy blonde hair? Her bright and cheery yellow color scheme? That mix of innocence and mischief she always seems to have?

Whatever it is, enjoy an overflowing gallery of fanart for Rin found from around the internet!

Update: Post bumped now that I actually put the gallery up!

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Rhythm Tengoku Wii – The Reason I Still Own A Wii

Really, these days, it’s very hard for me to justify still owning a Wii. However, I am completely unable to sell it for one reason and one reason alone: Minna no Rhythm Tengoku, aka Everybody’s Rhythm Tengoku, aka Rhythm Tengoku Wii, or Rhythm Heaven Wii if you’re only familiar with the Western name for the series.

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Final Fantasy Type-0 Still Looks Good

Yes, alright – there’s a lot of reasons we can ridicule Square Enix these days. A lot. One thing you can’t say, however, is that the folks at SE don’t know how to make them some PSP games. Title after title, the publisher continues to release titles for Sony’s handheld that seem able to do things graphically the hardware was never, ever meant to do.

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The Hotties of Gekkoukan High

There are many interesting aspects of Persona 3 Portable – the PlayStation Portable port of Atlus’s mega-popular JRPG – but one of the ones I’ve noticed so far has to do with the faculty of Gekkoukan High. See, in the original Persona 3, most of the teachers didn’t actually have any portrait art. In the switch to P3P – where most backgrounds are flat and no longer feature polygonal characters – the teachers all received portrait art.

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1/7 Scale Mitsuru Kirijyou (Persona 3)

The first of what would end up being only two releases in the Kotokubiya line of Persona 3 characters. Well, okay there were actually four: Mitsuru, Aigis, Akihiko, and the main character. Unfortunately, after collecting the two females, I found out the two males would be in a totally different size ratio, meaning that they wouldn’t all match up together.

So, as far as I’m concerned, they’re dead to me.

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